Our strengths include the high quality of EMMEGI products and the continuous pursuit of improvement for sustainability.

EMMEGI SpA air-oil heat exchangers are used to cool hydraulic circuits using ambient air, conveyed to the radiator core by a fan driven by an electric or hydraulic motor. The radiator core, in high-tensile aluminium alloy, is obtained by means of a vacuum brazing production process.


The configuration of the tubes increases the turbulence of the fluid and, consequently, also the exchange capacity. The presence of special turbulators on airfinsurfaces of the cooling element further improve the transmission coefficient.

The result is a small-sized, light and robust technologically advanced product.

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Project-based heat exchangers

EMMEGI specialises in the design of heat exchangers to customer specifications. A customised project originates from the interface with the customers’ technical offices, from the analysis and collection of all the heat exchange, dimensional and regulatory specifications. The design then continues with the definition of a tailor-made product, based on the necessary machine performance and tending and ends with the submission of a competitive offer.

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